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I have been a transvestite since I was 14 yrs old although the first time I put on a dress was at "play school" when I was about 4 or 5 (under a table). At 14 I first went into the airing cupboard and tried on some of the female clothes that were kept there. I have never looked back ! I guess I have alwatys wanted to be a girl. I just didn't realise how much until recent years.


Anyway, I'm over 39yrs old (cough) and try my very best not to look it ! And believe me it
takes a LOT of work !!! When I was 16 I had an instamatic camera and took some pictures of
myself. I took them to school and told the kids it was my girlfriend. No-one recognized them as
me, and I've had fun doing things like that since. Anyway I hope you like the new website and if
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